Flow Testing

Please take note that flow testing will take place in many of the campus buildings this week. This will cause the fire alarms and strobe lights to go off. We apologize for the short notice. We did not realize the building update email addresses were not functioning. Thank you.

Temporary Vehicle Passenger Restrictions

The maximum number of passengers permitted to travel together in a college vehicle is temporarily reduced to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.  This applies to all activities with the exception of Athletics, which has additional measures to protect athletes.  Traveling separately whenever possible is encouraged.

Vehicle TypePassengers
Large Van4

With these restrictions, it is expected that all passengers will wear masks and remain socially distant while traveling together.  Allowing plenty of fresh air into the vehicle is advised, either through open windows, vents, or a combination.   Likewise, the air recirculation feature available on some vehicles should not be used.  If you are unsure, someone in Facilities Management will assist you in identifying the correct settings.

Full Vaccinated Individuals Provision

The above restrictions on occupancy may be waived if ALL passengers in the vehicle are full vaccinated.  Fully vaccinated is defined as being at least two weeks past having received their final dose of COVID-19 vaccine.

Q/I Supply Requests

Q/I Supply Request Form

Buckets of wipes

We are placing buckets of disinfecting wipes in areas throughout campus. These buckets are labeled with the building and room number and must remain in the room where they are placed. Please do not move them elsewhere as we have a system for refilling and tracking.

We are working diligently to place all of the buckets on campus, but we have not completed the entire campus.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience while we work through this.

Facilities Management