Frequently Asked Questions

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You can access the full College Driver Policy on our Policies page in our About section.

Where is Facilities Management located?
Facilities Management is located at 1006 W Lovell, behind Hoben Residence Hall.

Can I pick up a vehicle reserved for another driver or for someone else?
Only an Authorized driver can pick up the keys. Keys must be picked up at the Facilities Management Office during our business hours. If you are using a vehicle on the weekend be sure to pick up the keys by 3:30 p.m. on Friday.

Do I need to return the vehicle full of fuel?
Yes. The vehicle is full when you take it; it should be full when you return it. If the vehicle is not full, please make a note on your paperwork. If you do not refuel the vehicle, your account will be charged a $100 fee plus the cost of the gas to fill it up.

I need to cancel my rental, how much notice do I need to give Facilities Management without incurring a charge?
You must cancel your vehicle request 24 hours before your scheduled pick-up time to not incur a late cancellation charge.

I will be returning my rental vehicle after hours, where do I park it and where do I put the keys?
You can park in the car’s assigned spot in the Facilities Management lot along the railroad tracks. We have a key drop box near the main entrance door at the Facilities Management building.

Where can I park my personal vehicle while I am using a college vehicle?
Please park your personal vehicle in the vehicle’s assigned spot during use.

Can I reserve the vehicle for personal use?
No. Vehicles can only be reserved for college department or student organization authorized travel.

What is an Account Code?
An Account Code is a 13 digit number that is used to bill services within the K College financial system to a specific department/organization.

I had an accident with my rental vehicle – What should I do?
For Fleet Vehicle Emergencies, please see packet in glovebox for instructions. Secure all occupants and vehicle to prevent further incident. Call the local police. Proof of vehicle registration and insurance is in the glove box of your vehicle to provide to police, along with instructions to fill out an Accident and Incident Report.

I had a mechanical problem or vehicle breakdown during use?
For all emergency and/or mechanical failures, please refer to the packet in the vehicle’s glovebox for instructions to contact our Roadside Assistance.

What time should I return my rental vehicle?
You need to return your rental vehicle by the return date stated on your vehicle reservation. You will be charged for each day it is late following the date/time you stated on your vehicle reservation.

If I need to refuel the vehicle during my rental, what do I do?
Purchase fuel from any retail fuel station using the gas card assigned to you or use your own personal funds. When using an assigned gas card, be sure to obtain all receipts and place them into the key packet, as they will be needed for reimbursement from your department.

I received a parking ticket during my rental, what should I do?
You are personally responsible for any parking or moving violations incurred during your rental.

I left something in the rental vehicle; do you have a lost and found?
We make every effort to notify our rental customers when we find items left in vehicles. If you left something, please contact us via email to or call us at 269.337.7308. If no response is received, we will send the items to the Lost and Found with Campus Safety.

Should I clean the car before I return it?
We ask that all our rental customers return the vehicle in the same condition as it was issued. If a vehicle is left in state that it needs to be cleaned after your use, a cleaning fee will be charged to your account.

Can I reserve a vehicle if I am not approved to drive college vehicles?
No, you cannot reserve a vehicle in your name unless you have had a Background Release Authorization cleared with Human Resources. This is required at least annually.

How do I become 12 passenger van certified?
Once you are approved to drive college vehicles, you can come to the Facilities Management office anytime during our business hours for a 30 minute video quiz. You must be 21+ to drive the 12 passenger van. Each student must then schedule a driving test with Campus Safety.

Do the K College Buses have bathrooms?
No, the buses do not have bathrooms and each bus only holds 35 passengers.

Does Facilities Management provide drivers for vehicles?
Drivers are only provided for chartered buses.