Future Needs

The following includes a brief summary and projection of Kalamazoo College’s current and near future needs. The most urgent need of the Institution and the focus of this planning effort is student housing and parking to support growth.


The College is contemplating expanding the number of available on-campus beds to improve the opportunities for mentoring between student classes. Having more upperclassman living on campus would strengthen the campus community and keep these students woven into campus life. This would make returning to campus after study-away much easier for students and help ensure high quality accommodations while relieving pressure on the surrounding neighborhoods.

Presently, the college has 881 available beds on campus. The updated master plan configuration would result in an additional 258 beds with the opportunity for future apartment style living along W. Michigan Avenue for an additional 150 occupants but likely outside of the 10-year planning horizon.


Expanded on-campus student housing will necessitate additional off-street parking. These needs will grow slowly, keeping pace with the additional housing capacity. With the construction of the first new residence hall along West Main Street, for instance, 70 additional parking spaces will be added. With the eventual replacement of Trowbridge Hall, there will be a net gain of 26 spaces, almost double that of the number of additional beds. There are alternate options that allow us to gain additional off-street parking spaces but at the cost of additional campus openspace. Towards the end of the planning horizon, when new housing capacity targets more upperclassman, the projects will include a greater ratio of spaces to beds than the present system which discourages students from having vehicles on campus. There are no other program expansions anticipated that would increase the need for parking. Much of the current on-street parking in the adjacent residential area (mainly Bulkley Street) for drivers destined for the college, is out of convenience of location rather than a deficit of off-street parking within the campus system.


The 2012 Master Plan projected needs for future enrollment of 1500 students, and this remains the goal for the institution. While the updated plan contemplates mixed-use spaces in residence halls, which may include some academic uses, K does not currently have plans to add new academic programs.


The College does not anticipate any expansion of services to students that would require additional facilities.


Kalamazoo College is primarily a teaching college – faculty and student research is an important component of the College’s academic programs. K does not engage in research for outside entities, and there is expansion for research facilities planned at this time.


Office space at K is presently adequate to support both existing programs and future needs aside from further sub-dividing existing office/instructional space to accommodate minor fluctuations in faculty/staffing needs.

Patient Care

The College offers basic medical care and counseling to students enrolled. The program does not extend to other members of the community and does not include in-patient care. There are no plans for major expansion of health care services.

Public Assembly

K makes available for public use two assembly spaces, Dalton Theater and Stetson Chapel, as well as lectures and performances that are open to the public in various spaces around campus. At this time, there are no plans to expand facilities for public use.

Stadium Lighting

Kalamazoo College would like to extend the number of days and times in which the existing Stadium Lighting is used for both MacKenzie Soccer Field and Angell Football Field in order to expand opportunity for student use of the fields. This latitude allows for both increased flexibility for teams and enhanced student experience. K College is excited about giving its students the opportunity to participate in night games, much like they were used to in high school. These events will be planned for in advance, other instances, like the following examples, may need to be decided on day of use.

The ability to leave the lights on for a longer designation of time in the evenings allows for a grace period in the event of weather and other unforeseen game delays in order to avoid cancellation. During periods of excessive heat, the ability to schedule the fields earlier in the mornings can make practice safer for student athletes. And in the Fall, during orientation, mornings may be the only time available for Freshman to participate in practices.

Kalamazoo College will commit to sending out the game schedules in advance via email communication to the West Main Hill Neighborhood Association, for them to distribute to members, as well as any neighbors who provide a current/valid email address. The College will notify this group of the planned instances of designated late night or early morning use of lights, as soon as the school knows, no later than the Monday before usage. In the event of weather inconveniences or delays, K will not know of light needs until day of and will not be able to give advanced notice of use.

These updates will be codified in Kalamazoo College Master Plan, to repeal and replace section 3 of ordinance 1869, which re-zoned the campus to IC (Institutional Campus).

Stadium Lighting Updates

Mackenzie Soccer Field

  • Light Days increased from 60 to 75 Occurrences Annually
  • No use between 11:00pm and 5:30am

Angell Football Field

  • Light Days increased from 30 to 35 Occurrences Annually
  • No use between 9:00pm and 5:30am with the exception of 5 occurrences until 11:00pm